Strojírna STELON Břidličná s.r.o.


In the future, we intend to continue with the production for our existing customers. In addition, the company would like to help to improve the environment and decided to pay attention to the environmental programme and production of equipment for alternative energy use. We would be grateful for any help or ideas from the owners or producers of such equipment.

Our main target is to satisfy the needs and demands of our customers.
We will be continually extending the portfolio of our customers.

We will cooperate with other manufacturers providing mutual convenience.
We are open to all forms of cooperation.
We will establish long-term and stable relations with the business partners and suppliers.

To our customers we will offer quality standard of service on long-term basis comparable to our main competitors.
We will increase our quality system on level typical for the automotive industry.

We will intensify business assertiveness in all territories, in particular eastern countries.
The strategical markets are for us countries of the EU.
On the other markets we must provide quality, price and terms comparable with competition.

The strategical range of products are single-purpose machines and equipment and subdelivery for further engineering production.

We will invest only in development projects.
We will continue with investing in new technologies with aim to decrease energy intensity of the production.
The investments will lead to assuring of the capacity balance between individual manufacture procedures.

We are systematically improving the working environment and decreasing number of workplaces with complicated conditions.
For all our employees we provide education programme with aim to increase their qualification with emphasis on multifunction.

We are cutting back on usage of solid fuels and production of emissions SO2 and CO2.





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