Strojírna STELON Břidličná s.r.o.


From the beginning

Establishment of a factory KRISCH (Anton Krisch und Söhne) for the production of nails

1900 - 1932
Textile production DAMBÖCK

1935 - 1948
Machine-works LÖHNERT (Löhnert und Sohn) – war production

1948 - 1962
In sequence:
Královopolská Engineering Works Brno
TOS Lipník nad Bečvou
TOS Svitavy – woodworking machines production

1962 - 1994
Machine-works Kovohutě Břidličná Inc. – production of single-purpose and prototype machines and equipment for colour and powder metallurgy companies

1994 - today
Piece production of precisely machined parts based on a drawing documentation delivered by the customer, subdelivery for the automotive production





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